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14 02 2013


Diam technical stoppers are manufactured to perfectly suit the particularities of each wine. This way, in addition to provide the best sensorial neutrality thanks to the DIAMANT cleaning process, the company ...

The Company

  • Since 1984, Tapón Jerez, SCA. is dedicated to the manufacture and production of cylindrical and conical cork stoppers with plastic and wood heads as well as capsules and retractable seals. The company is located in a wine producing region in the south of Spain, where its products are distributed at local, regional, national and international levels. The implementation of risk prevention in the workplace, food safety, quality, environmental and forestry policies together with the willingness of the company to serve in line with the requirements of its clients has made Tapón Jerez, SCA. achieve a leading position in its sector.

    The Management, Tapón Jerez